AUTHOR’S CHAIR      Miss Sandee’s Class ~ College Park Christian Academy

Story ~ due Dec. 4 when school begins:

Choose a Title

Choose one of these titles to write your story around.  After writing your basic story, go back
and add describing words. Concentrate this week on adverbs that tell how, when, where, and
to what degree.


_______ (25) My writing goes along with the title I chose.

_______ (20) I made sure I added lots of describing words, especially adverbs.

_______ (10) My writing makes sense and sounds complete.

_______ (15) 5th grade ~ 150 words minimum
                         6th grade ~ 250 words minimum

_______ (10) My writing has paragraphs.

_______ (10) My writing has complete sentences with capital letters and

_______ (10) It is on time.

__________________  TOTAL