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Johnny Tremain's Scrapbook
Chapter Eleven ~ Yankee Doodle     Part 4 & 5


WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Portraits ~ Write the appropriate name and information inside each picture frame.

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She was going to become an actress

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She was too tall to be an actress

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She was a Whig and was not going to London with her sister

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Lavinia was engaged to marry him

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Helped Vinny & Johnny get from France to Maine

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Swore in court that there were only four cups

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Lavinia knew her as the wildest, handsomest woman in Boston

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He was going to take care of the Lytes horses

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Braided Johnny's hair for him


ED00169_.wmf (3652 bytes)  Remembering:

1.  What was Johnny's answer to Miss Bessie when she asked him if being sixteen was a boy or a man?

    ___ "A boy in time of peace and a man in time of war." ___________________________


2.  Johnny found out why little fellows strut.  What were the two reasons?

    a. _ The littler they are, the more they strut.  The physical act of strutting lifted his spirits.__

    b. ___ It made him feel bigger than he was._____________________________________

3.  What did Johnny use as a disguise to get out of Boston? _________________________

    ______ Pumpkin's British uniform ___________________________________________

4.  Which choices did Lavinia Lyte give Isannah?   _____ Do you want to be a great lady ___

     _____ and wear silks __________________________________________________ OR

    ________ be just another poor working girl _____________________________________

5.  What did Johnny learn about his father?  Possibilities:

    a. ____ Possibilities: He was a French naval surgeon ____________________________

    b. ____He had been ashamed of being a prisoner or war and said his name was Latour

    c. ____ Tremain was really his father's last name.  ______________________________

    d. ____ He had been a Catholic. ____________________________________________

    e. ____ He had died three months before Johnny was born. _______________________

    What did Johnny learn about his mother?

    a. ____ She had been beautiful, with a widow's peak like his. ______________________

    b. ____ She was a dark girl with a walk like Johnny's. ____________________________

    c. ____ She had been sent to a convent after her husband died. ____________________