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                        Globetrotter Year Four

Year 4 curriculum correlates a study of:  U. S. history from the Civil War, the Apostle Paul, and Adventist history

"And I saw another angel flying in the midst of the heavens, carrying the everlasting Good News to preach to those on earth--to every nation, tribe, language, and people."

Revelation 14:6


Great Expectations
A Nation Divided
Reshaping the Nation
This Land is My Land
Freedoms & Frustrations
The Depression
Patriotism & Prosperity
A Cry for Freedom
As the World Turns
My Life Today








Today in History

Look up any day in history

How to make PowerPoint work

Professor Muybridge's motion picture device from Fair Weather

Conversation with Richard Peck, author of Fair Weather

How to write a cinquain

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