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Number the Stars        
         by Lois Lowry         
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"He who numbers the stars one by one..."
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During World War II, the Danish Resistance managed to smuggle almost its entire Jewish population--nearly 7,000 people--to safety.  The characters of the Newbery Award winning book, Number the Stars, spotlight the courage it took to help just one Jewish family escape.

Lois uses her personal experience and memory for inspiration in the writing of this book.  Annemarie Johansen is based on Lois's real life friend Annelise.   Mrs. Lowry used the role played by Annemarie and her family during the occupation of Denmark to help young people develop awareness of the Holocaust and the awfulness of war.

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Another book by Lois Lowry about World War II is Autumn Street.

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Recurrent themes for Lois Lowry seem to be saying goodbye and the interdependence we have with other people.