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Globetrotter Year Two 


Units of Study 

Medieval Times
Renaissance & Reformation
Race for Riches
Divine Right of Kings
Rights & Revolutions
Industrial Revolution
The World in Conflict
(includes brief study of Japan and Russia)
A Changing World
My Country (creative unit)


The Bible focus is on religious history from Christ's life through the Reformation and God's character.  The Bible is the textbook.



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   The power exercised by every
ruler on earth is
and upon his use of  the power thus bestowed, his success  depends.   

Education p. 174

I am the Lord, and there is no other;  There is no God besides Me.  I will gird you, though you have not known Me. 
Isaiah 45:5

Literature Units

BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Door in the Wall
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) The Sword of Denis Anwyck
    (The online book and study guides)
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) A Single Shard
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) War of the Invisibles
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Number the Stars
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) A Voyage from Cambodia in 1975


The spelling program for the year focuses on spelling rules and clues.


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